Residential Air Conditioner Cleaning

An air conditioner is a large investment, costing between $1500-$4000 with installation. It is important to protect your investment and ensure you get the most out of your unit, in terms of running quality and lifespan.

Residential air conditioners act as an air filter for your house; catching all the fine dust, fur, and contaminants in the environment. These clog the air conditioner filter and enter the cooling system rapidly. Once the contaminants start settling on the fins of the condenser and the fan barrel, they start to build up. Water becomes present due to condensation, and the debris starts to grow mold and bacteria. This is dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. Mold and bacteria are harmful to you and your family; they can cause several sicknesses including asthma.
  2. The build-up stops airflow and reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, forcing the unit to work harder and resulting in unnecessary wear and tear. This ultimately shortens the lifespan of your unit.

Air Conditioning Upkeep

Some people are diligent in cleaning the filters in their air conditioning unit, but this can be an easy chore to forget. If you have renters, tenants forget to clean this often – so be aware!

We suggest the following cleaning schedule:

Once a month: Clean the filters under the front flap of your unit

Every 5-6 months: Get the unit cleaned and serviced by a trained professional. If the filters are kept clean monthly by the occupant, then a professional clean will cost less, as the build-up should not be as bad.

We recommend air conditioning cleaning should be done prior to and just after Summer: September and February.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs a Professional Clean

  • It is not cooling/heating as it normally would
  • It is making unusual operating noises
  • It smells of mold or mildew
  • It is dripping water, or ice/water is being blown out of head unit

Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

We offer a range of professional air conditioning cleaning services. There are three levels of services to select from, depending on the condition of your unit. If you have more than one air conditioning unit in your home, you can save money by having a professional clean and service both units during the same appointment.

The Basic Sea Air Cleaning Service

$120+gst for first unit; subsequent units $65+gst each

This service level includes:

  • Inspection and clean of outdoor unit
  • Inspection and clean of indoor unit
  • Inspection for damaged parts
  • Inspection to ensure the operation of the fan outdoor is working properly
  • Visual inspection to check for leaking refrigerant, oil, or gas
  • Cleaning of the air intake areas
  • Inspection and cleaning of drain
  • Temperature check
  • Inspection and cleaning of filters
  • Inspection and de-odorize coils
  • Remote control operation check

The Standard Sea Air Cleaning Service

$235+gst for first unit subsequent units $160+gst each

This level includes everything in the Basic AC package, plus:

  • Internal unit strip and clean
  • Pressure clean for the condenser coils
  • Pressure clean for the fan barrel
  • Pressure clean for outdoor coils and fins

The Major Sea Air Cleaning Service

$275+gst for first unit subsequent units $215+gst each

This level includes everything in the Standard package, but is specifically priced for units that are extremely dirty. Technicians will need to spend more time and energy on these units.

Hourly rate:

If you do not want to purchase a level package, you can choose to have your air conditioner cleaned to your liking, and pay our standard hourly rate, plus sundries.

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