Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance And Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Air conditioning is indispensable in any business place. It guarantees a proper work environment and contributes to the employees’ efficiency. However, it can also be a source of health issues if not cleaned properly, at regular time intervals.

The air conditioning ducts can become a comfortable home for everything from dust and lint to carcasses of insects. This will not only affect the performance of your air conditioning and its life duration, but it can also cause important hygiene issues and even become a fire risk.

The good news is that these problems can be easily avoided with the help of Sea Air. Our company provides commercial air conditioning maintenance and cleaning at the highest standards. Don’t postpone having your air conditioning cleaned and make sure it happens today.

One-Stop Air Conditioning Cleaning Solution

Sea Air knows its air conditioning ducts and filters and works with trained specialists to offer a variety of services that guarantee perfectly clean air conditioning ducts and efficient maintenance.

Our team is trained to provide the following services:

  • Removal of dust, lint carcasses of insects
  • Cleaning of air conditioning fans and ducts
  • Cleaning of roofing ducts
  • Maintenance of air conditioning filters
  • Cleaning of laundry ducts, wash rooms, and car park ducting

Our high-quality work is guaranteed by a certificate that accompanies the completion of any maintenance or other services provided, useful not only for your peace of mind, but also in case you need proof for insurance claims or inspections.

Fast and Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance

With Sea Air you can be sure your air conditioning maintenance will never be a problem for your company. Our cleaning team is flexible and ready to perform their services according to your schedule and budget. We work fast and within your budget. Our team will always make sure their work is done 100% with no waste or cleaning products or equipment left behind.

Got a question about your air conditioner?

Our team can advise, supply and install the right air condition system for your business.

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