Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Split Systems

Sea Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is locally owned and operated on the Sunshine Coast, specialised in supplying and installing high-quality air conditioning for residential clients around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

We are an authorised distributor and installer of Actron air conditioning systems but can provide any brand or style of air conditioner you choose. Our team of qualified technicians can provide tailored air conditioning solutions, regular maintenance tuneups to keep your system in top condition, and 24-hour emergency repair service for when you need it most.

We are confident in providing our expert advice and assistance to find the right air conditioning solution for your needs and your budget.

What is a split system?

Split system air conditioners are designed to cool rooms of almost any size, such as large living rooms or small bedrooms. Most split system air conditioners include a reverse cycle setting to keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Split systems also tend to be more energy efficient compared to many portable or window air conditioners. For these reasons, split systems are an excellent investment – any time of the year.

Split systems offer a bit more luxury than your typical portable or window air conditioners. They typically run more quietly, and frequently include air purifying and dehumidifying features to further improve your household’s air quality. Many also come with a remote control that allows you to set the temperature, as well as timer and sleep modes from the comfort of your bed.

Split systems are a great option for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane homeowners on a budget. Split system air conditioners are easy to install, have minimal costs, and are efficient to run.

What are the benefits of having a split system over other units?

Split system air conditioners usually have smaller compressor units than ducted systems. The compressor will be installed outside, in an area away from direct sunlight, and where it will not be a noise risk to neighbors. The indoor wall units have evolved over the years and come in many modern and stylish designs to suit your interior décor.

With half of the split system air conditioner installed outside the home, and the other half wall-mounted indoors, this type of air conditioner can be integrated into the design of your home seamlessly. These models require professional installation, which can be provided by our team.

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